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Hypnotherapy Training Scotland, UK April 2020

Hypnotherapy Course Scotland – 20th April 2020

Hypnotherapy Training Scotland

There’s much more info on the website -see HypnoPerth main Training page The key dates for the hypnotherapy training Scotland course are on the Content & Dates page and the Prospectus can be downloaded from here. Practical course 12 days starting 20/04/2020.

Course presenter – John Moonie

John brings a wealth of experience not just in hypnotherapy (in professional practice for 16 years), but also from senior management in a world-wide IT company. He was closely involved in implementing top-rated international quality systems to commercial developments. He brings this to bear in the high-quality excellence of this course. You’d expect to have the confidence to go out and help clients from all walks of life deal with problems and performance improvements, which is exactly what this course was designed for.  John believes in keeping the cost of getting this skill and experience to an affordable course fee level.  Course attendee numbers are kept low deliberately to give proper supervision and help. Note that for NHS staff there is a 10% discount and a prompt full-fee payment discount of 10%. Full fee £1800 (£200 booking deposit + £1600 balance 2 weeks prior to start).

Hypnotherapy Training focus

  • Learning at an appropriate ratekeeping it straightforward and building confidence
  • Training in the various methods of hypnosis from simple suggestion to indirect (Ericksonian) methods
  • Then once you master how to hypnotise – how to apply this powerful therapy to many problems or things people want to improve
  • Do case studies beyond the 2-week practical course to consolidate your knowledge and expertise – with proper supervision
  • How to get and retain clients – another skillset you have to know
  • Keeping each stage a fun experience too – new skills can go with good humour!

Students from all parts of the UK

Scottish students who have obtained the diploma have mainly been from

  • Aberdeenshire
  • Argyll
  • Ayrshire
  • Borders
  • Dundee & Angus
  • Edinburgh & Lothians
  • Fife
  • Glasgow area
  • Perthshire and Kinross
  • Stirling and Central Scotland

Some are from London (1 with a practice in Harley Street), Manchester and south of Spain, so all are welcome, not just those from Scotland.

Decide and do it now – book now while there are places!

You may have thought about doing a hypnotherapy course but for various reasons and excuses just put it off. You can do it, but you do have to do it! Maybe it’s a change of career or just to acquire a valuable skill. There is a limited intake of students to this course for reasons of proper supervision both on the practical course and after when case studies are taken on. Check with me first for place availability.

You can book this course on the main website at Book Now!

Or book (£200) with this button:-

hypnosis case studies

Sleep and Brain Wave Entrainment

A different look at levels of (un)consciousness

We’re aware of 2 basic modes of consciousness –

  • conscious – aware of surroundings, aware of thought and action to greater or lesser extent

  • unconscious or subconscious – to varying degrees not aware or unaware of these things – subconscious can vary from not lightly unaware of something e.g. not being conscious of your left foot until I mention it or not aware at all such as deep sleep or “out of it” by drink or drugs or trauma (knocked-out).


So looking at these different levels from a hypnotic viewpoint we tend to look at things from a fairly simple conscous/subconscious viewpoint. This is normally fine in a hypnosis sense but sleep demands more categories. This is where things get a little bit more complicated and defined in terms of “brain waves” – if you were to use an eeg machine (electro-encephelogram) this would show different frequencies which the brain operates at for different states of consciousness.

Sleep Cycles

There are between 4-6 sleep cycles per night each lasting around 90 mins or so – more details information is here

Gets complicated but who said analysing your brain was easy?! There are 5 “stages” in each cycle, the first 4 of which are non-REM (NREM) or Non Rapid Eye Movement sleep and the 5th is REM sleep which is the stage in which we dream. The link above gives more detail about what these stages are.


A key factor is the frequency at which your brain operates in each stage and biefly these can be summarised as (where Hz – Hertz is a measurement of brain eletrical cycles / second)

  • Beta 12- 38 Hz – wide awake state
  • Alpha 8-12 Hz – awake/relaxed e.g. just before sleep and just after awaking
  • Theta 4-8 Hz – light sleep/deep relaxation
  • Delta 0.2 – 4 Hz – deep, dreamless sleep, healing and resetting, not conscious; can have an effect of migraines, fibromyagia, chronic pain and blood pressure.

Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE)

This is where sound can influence the frequencies you can see above. If a recording starts at Beta level and gradually goes on to Alpha and so to Theta then Delta, the brain follows or is “entrained” by the sound. so someone listening to a recording which goes through these stages should find their brain automatically following the frequencies and if played when resting ready for sleep will most likely find themselves fast asleep without realising it and at the deep healing level. 

Working in conjunction with hypnosis to find the source of the insomnia and alleviating that the BWE recording quickly helps to re-establish a good sleeping pattern. Insomnia tends to be the mind/brain’s way of alerting someone to something they haven’t dealt with but is important to them. That can range from PTSD at a serious level to some niggling relationship or work problem which they have tried to ignore but the subconscious mind and brain processes are rarely fooled for long! 

A case of M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

The client in this case has had ME for a considerable period of time and nothing she has tried so far has lasted. I sent her an MP3 recording with a BWE track to get more delta sleep which has proved useful in the past. “I am definitely better with mp3. It rocks”. She is able to monitor the amount of deep sleep she achieves on a nightly basis and that has gone from 2-3 minutes to 80-90 minutes hence her enthusiasm. So clearly the effect on her autonomic nervous system has been useful. The range of problem delta sleep may help with is probably greater than the above list. This trial is still in progress but seems so far to be reducing unwanted symptoms.

Other cases have been to improve sleeping patterns and stubborn cases of insomnia and again the reported results have been encouraging.

hypnosis case studies hypnosis course hypnotherapy hypnotherapy training hypnotherapy training scotland hypnotherapy training UK

Fear of heights hypnosis?

Fear of heights

Fear of heights? This photo sent in by a client of mine proves that hypnotherapy can be rapid and effective. He was about to go on a skiing holiday but had difficulty walking along a mountain ridge even without snow and had experienced difficulty in dealing with the impression he might give to his kids and possibly pass on this fear. This could extend to travelling in a clear-sided lift or elevator if they were with him. On his skiing holiday recently in North America this is where he got to with his friends courtesy of a helicopter-

fear of heights overcome on snow-covered mountain ridgeYou can make out their ‘landing zone’ and the tracks of a previous skier going downhill to the right of the picture.

Email from my client


Thanks for your help. I can categorically say that it has a positive effect on my ability to function at height. I attach a picture of me on a ridge in ******* after having been dropped there by Helicopter.
The trip has proved to be more extreme than I imagined but I have been fine.
A million thank yous.


How we got there

Typically in the past this form of height phobia has taken anything from 1 to 3 sessions to get the person confident again to deal with being high up somewhere from the milder cases where the fear was of climbing up a steep hill gradient to more difficult situations like a fireman faced. In this case he took 2 sessions, the first of these being a straightforward suggestion therapy session with an MP3 recording to use at home and the second being a fairly practical session using principles and techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Hypnosis and some ‘homework’ to test out. His own homework above shows promise!

hypnosis case studies hypnotherapy

Pets relax with hypnosis

  1410l0015Never thought I’d post something with a cute cat photo but here it is! One of my client who has been doing the hypnotic gastric band therapy has reported her cat has now developed a liking for my Easier Weight Loss CD. My client listens to this as she falls asleep and the cat now jumps on to the shelf where she keeps the CD player and when the track starts playing, settles down and goes to sleep. This is further to my earlier post about a client’s restless puppy calming down as she played the Relaxation and Confidence CD! As far as the cat owner knows her pet has not lost any weight yet, even if she has.0445l2085

by John Moonie