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Case studies of various problems which I have addressed myself with hypnosis or students have encountered in case sudies

Hypnotherapy Training Perth, UK Oct 2017

Hypnotherapy Training Course practitioner level Hypnotherapy Training Scotland next – 16th Oct 2017 practical course. There’s much more info on the website -see HypnoPerth main Training page The key dates for the hypnotherapy training Scotland course are on the Content & Dates page and the Prospectus can be downloaded from here.  Practical course 2 weeks […]

Pets relax with hypnosis

  Never thought I’d post something with a cute cat photo but here it is! One of my client who has been doing the hypnotic gastric band therapy has reported her cat has now developed a liking for my Easier Weight Loss CD. My client listens to this as she falls asleep and the cat […]