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Welcome to the HypnoPerth blog, written John Moonie, hypnotherapy training director, HypnoPerth by John Moonie. As you can see from the Hypnoperth site I offer hypnotherapy along with a number of CDs and MP3 downloads.

And as a leading provider of Hypnotherapy Training in Scotland a course in diploma (practitioner level) training,

What I aim to offer in the blog is a more personal insight into various things to do with hypnosis and the problems or opportunities it can help with. Some are better known than others – e.g. smoking cessation, weight loss and so on. Less well known is its effect on things that are sometimes suprising like pain control, migraines and insomnia.

I’m always open to suggestions as any good hypnotist should be and if you have something you think I can explain better, please leave a comment.

by John Moonie



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