Hypnotherapy Training Scotland, UK Sep 2019

Hypnotherapy Course Scotland – 16th September 2019 There’s much more info on the website -see HypnoPerth main Training page The key dates for the hypnotherapy training Scotland course are on the Content & Dates page and the Prospectus can be downloaded from here. Practical course 12 days starting 16/09/2019. Course presenter – John Moonie John […]

Sleep and Brain Wave Entrainment

A different look at levels of (un)consciousness We’re aware of 2 basic modes of consciousness – conscious – aware of surroundings, aware of thought and action to greater or lesser extent unconscious or subconscious – to varying degrees not aware or unaware of these things – subconscious can vary from not lightly unaware of something […]

Fear of heights hypnosis?

Fear of heights Fear of heights? This photo sent in by a client of mine proves that hypnotherapy can be rapid and effective. He was about to go on a skiing holiday but had difficulty walking along a mountain ridge even without snow and had experienced difficulty in dealing with the impression he might give […]

Welcome to HypnoPerth blog

Hi, Welcome to the HypnoPerth blog, written¬† by John Moonie. As you can see from the¬†Hypnoperth site I offer hypnotherapy along with a number of CDs and MP3 downloads. And as a leading provider of Hypnotherapy Training in Scotland a course in diploma (practitioner level) training, What I aim to offer in the blog is […]