Woman hypnotises chicken

It was just a throwaway comment on my recent Dip.AH course in analytical hypnotherapy here in Perth, but I mentioned to one of the students that chickens can be hypnotised by holding their beak to the ground and drawing a chalk line away from the beak. Result is that the chicken focuses on the line which effectively hypnotises it.

Croad Langshan henThe lady in question said, “PS It seems Croad Langshan hens are indeed hypnotisable!
She stared in a dazed way in front of her for quite a few seconds, long enough to slowly release her head.”

The Croad Langshan is an ancient and rare breed originally from Northern China and in the UK since late 19th century.

Not quite part of the curriculum but a bit of a switch on the usual fear of clients becoming chickens as in stage shows.

So we can now add to dogs and cats being susceptible!

by John Moonie