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Hypnotherapy - Stop Smoking, Start Living

Summary - this page gives the case for stopping smoking, from the cost, health, fitness and appearance point of view.  Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking will mainly be effective if the person  has decided to do so already and has a strong commitment to giving up. I usually recommend stopping completely and immediately.

Costs and Benefits - save your money for something better.

Typically a packet of cigarettes now costs 8.50 for twenty. You may already have worked out the cost per year - if not, look for your consumption on the table below. Now think of something you could have bought that you really wanted. What you got instead was maybe a cough, a lot of smoke, a bad smell and possibly worse. Now concentrate on what you are going to buy instead. Write that down along with the cost, but also consider the other positive gains you make, weighing up the low cost of therapy versus the financial and health gains. So what's it worth now to continue smoking? Rough assumption is that you pay around 33% in tax and NI. Break-even shows how within how many weeks the hypnotherapy pays for itself. Beyond that point you keep the weekly gain. All figures are approximate and intended as a guide.



(The orange shaded area represents the consumption which could be considered for the “Light Smoker” rate and the red the “Heavy Smoker” or Smoking Package range. This can vary between individuals but again gives a rough guide.)

There may be a good foreign holiday being spent along with monthly payments on a new car! Or a home improvement like an upgraded kitchen or bathroom suite. Maybe you always wanted to start a new hobby but 'couldn't afford it'. You can now.

Cigarettes fill a 'gap'. How can you replace them? You must have something else to do and a reason to do it. Years and years of conditioning yourself to smoking means you may be 'lost' without them.


As you cut down and stop you'll notice a fairly rapid improvement in your breathing and energy levels. This improvement will continue as you steadily improve your chances of avoiding a serious smoking-related disease. There are essentially two choices - one is to continue smoking - which you are at liberty to do - but the clear penalty is paid by running the heightened risk of cancer, heart disease and emphysema, varicose veins, amputations etc., quite apart from cosmetic aspects like prematurely-aged skin. Clothes, hair and house smelling of unattractive stale smoke.

The other path is to reject cigarettes as an expensive, unhealthy, revolting habit which turns more and more people off smokers and gain instead an amazing improvement in health along with a healthier bank balance and an improved lifestyle.

See the Fees page  for further information. Or contact me to discuss your options

Cigarettes per day  

Cost per week  

Cost per month

Cost per year

You have to earn to smoke

Pays for itself


























by John Moonie, Clinical Hypnotherapist Tel. (01738) 561889

Stop Smoking - where to start

Smoking can be a very deep-rooted habit, but like all unwanted habits, hypnosis can be used effectively on it to help the smoker to attain a much healthier lifestyle without the withdrawal symptoms or the temptation to re-start.

I should make it quite clear though that you have to be determined to stop smoking and be prepared to get rid of all the smoking materials. Where people have said in the past "I want to stop but I just like smoking" I have had to advise them that they're not serious enough about it and shouldn't waste their money on this or any other therapy. Taking this attitude, I have to say, is doomed to failure!

For light - medium smokers

For light smokers, or people who feel they are really determined to quit and have a supportive environment, one session with its free CD is usually enough (see the therapy fees page.) Occasionally a second session (at standard rate) may be needed if there is a relapse.

If your smoking habit is heavy and you need a good bit more support the Smoking Package will be more ideally suited for you, which is described next.

The Smoking Package - what happens.

I take case notes, informally discussing the background to the smoking habit - how much per day, when it started, what triggers the habit, what are the effects on health and so on. Getting the background information can be as important for therapy as the therapy itself and in addition to getting to know about the problem, I can help you by answering queries or concerns. (Approx. 30 mins).

Suggestion therapy is the next thing we do - to achieve deep physical and mental focus and relaxation, to help you reject smoking and to motivate you to do the things which you know are more helpful for you. Like saving money for something better, eating more healthily, getting more exercise and aiming for goals that cigarettes stopped you from doing. (Approx 45 mins).

I then teach you how to do self-hypnosis properly and safely -around 20 minutes per day, with practice - so that you have the means to beat the 'cravings' while not in the therapy room and to help you relax generally. Often people are surprised at how powerfully they have been 'locked in' to smoking. During the session and later when using self-hypnosis this becomes more obvious as you to free the final bonds. The mind works more comfortably on a 'gradual' basis - if you try to move your car from a standing start uphill in top gear, you will always be disappointed! The same goes for a bad habit of long standing - your mind can be reluctant to let go immediately. After all it has taken years to develop in most cases. (Approx 40 mins).

After the session I give you the CD "Stop Smoking - Start Living" which, along with the self-hypnosis makes this approach much more powerful.

Remember - although most people will be able to stop immediately after the first session, the price includes one backup session should you ever need it within a 6-month period after the main session. All you need to do is phone and book a session. If you smoke heavily enough I may recommend you use this session in any case.

See the therapy fees page for further information.

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