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What is hypnosis?

Where do you start? Is it what I’ve seen on stage or TV with Paul McKenna? “A focused state of relaxation” maybe? “An altered state of awareness which helps you achieve goals and solve problems more effectively”? Read on....

What can hypnotherapy do for me?

This is such a wide subject that this page can only tell you about the main categories of problems and performance opportunities. Have a look at this table and its articles.

A typical hypnosis session.

A preview of what happens in a first hypnotherapy session. A lot depends on what it’s for of course. A stop smoking session is different from an anxiety-related problem, but there are common themes between them too.  


What Is Hypnosis What Hypnosis Can Do Typical Hypnotherapy Session

Anxiety had taken over my life and I just cannot believe the difference I feel now.

Looking forward to a more positive future...

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