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"I received the cd yesterday, and I really enjoyed it! I once went to a very known psykologist in Norway who specialises in hypnosis, but I must say that I feel this cd is a lot better for me." Ms. L.D., Norway

"Would recommend anyone with similar problems/fears to give it a try" E.W., Perth

"Helped to make a sustainable difference to a very significant part of my world. Money well spent - in fact an investment." M.B., Perthshire.

“This is just a massive thank you for turning my life around. I've suffered from blushing for a long time and I finally feel like I'm beating it. The
suggestions in the "Help for Blushing" cd are so spot-on it's like they've been written for me personally. It's magical the way this cd has worked because to be honest I didn't hold much hope because I had heard of people not having much success with hypnosis as a treatment option. I've been searching all over for a cure and spending heaps of money/time. Finally I've found it for just 12! I will certainly be recommending your cd to others with this debilitating condition.” S.T., London

Help for Blushing CD

Social Anxiety and Blushing

Blushing is a problem which to some may seem trivial but to those who suffer from chronic blushing, it can be a humiliating and difficult thing to deal with. It comes under the heading of Social anxiety or phobia and is one of the major symptoms (but by no means all) experienced by people suffering from it. Quite often the sufferer can be an intelligent, imaginative person and they are often confused and upset at why this should happen, when they feel, in other than social situations, quite competent and confident.

Centre of attention

Focus of attention can be perceived as on you as a person, with the implication that the attention is judgemental - and not in a positive way. You may feel as if people are regarding you in a critical fashion and have some fear of people in authority if you don't know them. The facial blushing is a reflex action indicating confusion and embarrassment and if it happens to you, will switch on quite automatically much to your annoyance and despair if this happens a lot.

How Can This digital track Help?

The root reasons why people have social anxiety can be dealt with in analytical hypnotherapy which has to be carried out face-to-face. But suggestion therapy (as on this recording) can act quite powerfully to change your situation if the track  is used regularly as recommended. It may be that this then encourages you to seek further help if needed, as this resolution of social anxiety or phobia can be impeded by the very fact that you need to admit it to someone else.

Help for Blushing CD

UK 11.99


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