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Hypnotherapy services and fees for HypnoPerth, Perth, Scotland. Hypnosis fees, self-hypnosis fee. Fees and advice for numbers of hypnotherapy sessions for various problems e.g. Smoking, weight control, anxiety, panic, phobias.    

Hypnotherapy Services and Fees

How do I know which service is right for me?

The first step is to discuss with me what you feel you would like to deal with. You can do this by calling me on (01738) 561889 or contacting me by using the email form (press the Contact button above). I will advise you on what to do next, including likely numbers of sessions, how to get to my practice and so on.

How do I pay for my hypnotherapy services?

You can pay at the session itself by cash or cheque. Or you prefer, in advance, securely online by debit or credit card, using the appropriate button in the table below. I will advise you which one to use if it’s not obvious. Please note that a condition of booking a session is that you fully accept the terms of booking.   

Payment Methods

- Cash or cheque accepted at session

- Credit/debit card online

- Secure payment - I do not see your card details

- PayPal Membership not required

PayPal - trader has been verified by Paypal. Ts and Cs

Standard Session (not per hour)

Time per session (approx)

Number of


Cost per


Includes free

Pay Online For One Session

Suggestion or analytical (advanced) hypnotherapy

60 - 75 mins

Typical examples - Gastric band  2-3; Anxiety, panic 4-6; Pain control 3


Appropriate hypnotherapy CD or MP3 track at first session


Overall Duration

Practical Course (Perth) Duration

Cost- Deposit


Pay Online

Dip.AH -practitioner level training.

Approx 4 months

2 weeks (12 days)




2 weeks prior to start of course

“Book Now” page -click here

Stop Smoking

Time per session (approx)

Number of


Cost per


Includes free

 Pay Online One Session (or Package)

Moderate smoker

60 - 75 mins



Stop Smoking CD or MP3 track

Two people - moderate smokers (same session)

60 - 75 mins



(Save 60)

Stop Smoking CDs or MP3 tracks

Heavy or dependent smokers - package.

60 - 75 mins

1 Main + 1 Self-hypnosis session + 1 backup session


-Stop Smoking CD


Instructional MP3

You do have to want to stop. Willpower is required to stop smoking. People who succeed in stopping have usually made a firm decision to quit.