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Flying Comfortably CD

Who needs this CD?

Anyone who finds flying to be an anxious or frightening experience. Who tends to avoid flying at all costs and would rather go by some other means of transport.

If you do have to travel by air, you may be finding that the whole build-up to the flight for weeks beforehand is affecting you, and once at the destination you are probably worrying a lot about the return journey, which can spoil the business trip or holiday.

Why flying can cause undue fear

Every means of transport has a risk of accident and resulting deaths or injuries. The fact that flying means both travelling in a thin aluminium tube and at 30,000 feet perhaps feels less natural than travelling by bus or car. Media reports of air accidents are far more common than reports of successful flights for obvious reasons - spectacular crashes make for better copy than uneventful journeys!

Dr. Barnett of MIT compared the chance of dying from an airline accident versus a driving accident, after accounting for the greater number of people who drive each day. What he found was that you are nineteen times safer in a plane than in a car. Every single time you step on a plane, no matter how many times you fly, you are nineteen times less likely to die than in your car.

So the aviation safety aspect is not in question. What can make flying seem less safe?

How this recording can help fear of flying

Using the same powerful techniques of hypnosis I use in face to face sessions in audio form, you can help to desensitise any fear or anxiety about flying. Also having flown gliders solo and done aerobatics in light aircraft I know my subject!

How this has worked for other people

"Achieved what I wanted - able to get on plane and cope with journey and NOT spend whole holiday worrying about journey home." A.G., Crieff

"Dubious at first whether therapy would work on me - whether I would respond - now totally convinced and feeling confident - many thanks!" Mrs. V.A., Perthshire

Flying Comfortably CD

UK 11.99


Hypnosis CD to help with fear of flyng

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