June 2013 students on the Diploma in Analytical HYpnotherapy course in Perth Scotland

John Moonie, HPD, SQHP, GHR(Reg.), NHR

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 Hypnosis Perth Scotland clients from Dundee, Angus, Perthshire (Tayside), Fife & Kinross. Falkirk, Stirling, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow.   

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Hypnotherapy Course Fees and Enrolment

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Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy

Practitioner Level Course(Dip.AH)



PayPal option


Booking fee

NOW ** - Check Dates and whether course places available.


Debit/credit card or PayPal account  The pre-course pack and enrolment document will be sent out immediately to the address you supply.

Please contact for other forms of payment if needed e.g Internet Bank Transfer (BACS).



2 weeks before start



Notified by invoice 2 weeks before practical course date start - payment methods advised at that point.



10% Discount for NHS staff - see link at foot of page.

10% Discount for full payment in advance.

(Discounts are not cumulative).

** Contact me for full payment details in which case booking fee does not apply.

Dip.AH hypnotherapy course prospectus