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Hypnosis session, Hypnotherapy session, at the HypnoPerth practice in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. which is easily accessed from Dundee, Fife and Kinross, Angus, Falkirk, Stirling and Tayside.    

A Typical Hypnotherapy Session...

Before the hypnosis session...  

Often the hardest part is picking up the phone in the first place! Many customers have told me they saved up my number and waited weeks before getting in touch. You’ll know what you need to resolve, so you only have to visit the Contact page and get in touch. It's a question of how long you want to keep the problem! And you can't lose by talking about it and finding out more. Or drop me an e-mail via the query form. I do answer.  These are as confidential as any other client details, so please rest assured they remain private.

Assuming you phone, some initial details can be taken and I can discuss briefly what aspects of your life you want to improve. We then make an appointment for your first session, which is at a mutually suitable time and date.

First therapy appointment

When you arrive for the first appointment, I take a more detailed case history, making sure that you are at ease with me as your therapist and that I feel hypnotherapy would benefit you. I explain what hypnotherapy is in more detail and answer the questions you will surely have, especially if you have not experienced hypnosis before.

We explore the problems or skills aspects in some more depth before hypnotherapy starts - the main idea here being that we are working together in a therapeutic partnership. Nothing works without your co-operation and conscious willingness to change. We work out what the aims and achievements of the session should be, including an estimate of how many sessions it will take to ensure that these aims are met. Less deep-seated problems can be resolved one or two sessions, but others may need more. If that is the case I advise you.

Session focus

On the first session the main concentration is on deep relaxation and suggestion therapy. In hypnosis the use of positive suggestions is powerfully enhanced over 'waking state' thinking. Habits and other problems rely on subconscious imagination and emotion to hold them in place. Hypnosis speaks the same ‘language’ to undo them. The same applies to skills. Golf professionals help through technique and repetition, but now top sportsmen also employ the services of a hypnotherapist to help with the 'inner game'.


Working as a therapeutic team we can often obtain very good results after the first session and you will leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed taking away a CD as homework.

Later sessions

Some problems take one session - usually smoking. Others may need more - see the Fees page for examples.

Another kind of hypnotherapy - analytical - can help where there is an unknown psychological cause preventing simple suggestion therapy from working effectively. Sometimes this is known as advanced hypnotherapy, which allows you to tackle more deep-seated problems.  The requires and uses various techniques in combination with hypnosis.  

Keeping you informed

I will always explain what techniques are to be used and what you should accomplish with them. You should never be left wondering "what's going on?".      


Hypnosis is not natural sleep and you will not go ‘under’  or out of control. This is a popular misconception. You remain aware of what is happening and feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy Cds

Are also available separately to order online either pre-recorded (e.g. Blushing, Relaxation, Stop Smoking, Weight Control, Insomnia, Driving, Flying and Personalised.

Crail Harbour Fife - two small fishing boots moored.

Crail Harbour, Fife

River Tay near Perth, viewed from Pitmedden in Fife. Sidlaw Hills in distance.

River Tay - Pitmedden